PERFIL | Olivia Palermo

Olivia de Paula Toledo Palermo
32 anos

Aparece sempre irrepreensível em público. Guarda-roupa chic, cabelo impecável, maquilhagem no ponto. Olivia Palermo é comedida. Distingue-se entre as demais pela delicadeza. Começou num reality show e daí foi um passo até entrar no mundo social. Moda, alta costura, arquitetura, design, o melhor. Filha de pai milionário, Olivia tem, assumamos, um lifestyle de princesa: eventos, viagens, presenças. A sua relação tornou-se igualmente famosa, sendo ela e o marido considerados um casal de grande influência, que dita modas.


Em entrevista à ELLE, Olivia responde a algumas perguntas menos usuais:

…Thing you bought with cash?
Manicure and pedicure at TriBeCa’s Plaza M in New York City.

…Investment piece you bought?
Analeena bags, they are my fave.

…Thing you did before leaving home today?
I gave Mr. Butler a big goodbye kiss and wished him a lovely day!

…Meal you cooked?
Cacio e Pepe, simplicity is key!

…Book you read?
Piaget’s first retrospective coffee table book, it has fabulous visuals!

…Vacation you took?
The Kulm Hotel in St. Moritz is amazing for winter and in summer – absolutely heavenly!

…Time you sang karaoke?
“My Way” by Frank Sinatra last summer.

…Designer you discovered?
Giannico by Nicolò Beretta. He’s an amazing young up-and-coming talent.

…Account you followed on social media?
My husband: @JohannesHuebl.

…Post you tagged someone in?
Lufthansa or SWISS.

…Photo you took on your phone?
A sky photo from a plane! The colours inspire me.

…Beauty product you finished?
Charlotte Tilbury and Dr. Dennis Gross facial cleansers.

…Text message you sent?
To my four best friends who are based in London, Paris and New York on group chat.

…App you downloaded?
Blacklane car service.

olivia palermo

…Thing that made you cry?
Stuck in traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge!

…Thing that made you mad?
Stuck in traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge!

Thing that made you really happy?
Tracy Anderson Method six days a week.

…Gift you gave?
Blue sapphire cufflinks by a Parisian designer for Johannes’s birthday.

…Fashion item you bought?
MAX&Co. sweater and Max Mara pants.

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